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Our Services

NexGen aims to make the advantages of Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) accessible to all. Whether it's for a home or a building, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the benefits of ICF construction.

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NexGen will provide you with detailed proposals based on your scope of work. These proposals include all ICF products with delivery. These proposals take into account waste and will be enough for you to finish the job. Our proposals also include a Bill of Materials for other items required to execute a full ICF job.  As with all of our services, NexGen can be used as little or as much as needed. Which means we can be hired as a project manager or as a consultant.


On-Site Training & Support

NexGen provides as much or as little on-site support as you need for your build. While you or your crew are installing on-site, questions can also be answered over the phone with a consultant via Facetime, Skype, Zoom, etc. The goal is for you to not only know what to do, but, do it to your comfort level.

NexGen will also help with design work. We have licensed Professional Engineers available, or we can have our experts work with your Engineer of Record.


ICF Bracing Rental

NexGen will help determine how many and what kind of ICF bracing best suits your build.  NexGen will then either rent you the appropriate bracing equipment or help you find a source for it.  The strategies we use on our builds for planking and railings will be shared to help with the most cost-effective methods. 

For Quad Deck systems, NexGen will help you find a provider for shoring needs.  We work to make sure you get what you need.


Professional Development

NexGen provides 4 hour lunch and learn venues where anyone can come listen and learn about the process.  
NexGen provides 8 hour preferred trainer opportunities.

NexGen provides hourly preferred trainer opportunities on projects for hands on experience at your location.
Contact us to schedule a training session or to come to a jobsite and see the process first-hand.

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Jobsite Delivery

NexGen will provide and plan deliveries for all products purchased from us.


In most cases, we will have it all shipped together on the required number of semi-trailers.  NexGen will have these products delivered to the desired location and provide everyone with the arranged time of delivery.  Unloads are typically easy and do not require any special equipment.  Having machinery available is helpful, but not necessary.



We can work with you or your preferred contractor to provide the necessary training and consulting services to walk you through the entire installation process. We find that working with a trusted local contractor is often the preferred approach.  However, if you need assistance with an installation crew, we can assist with that too.  


Please click here for more information on our Building Alternatives.

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