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About NexGenICF

NexGen has redefined the residential and commercial building process. We’ve done this by using sustainable products that save our customers’ money and provide safer buildings for families and businesses -- creating generational homes and buildings for all that embrace it!

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NexGen ICF was formed with the mission of bringing the numerous benefits of insulated concrete form (ICF) construction to the Midwest and beyond.  It’s about bringing a proven technology to an underserved market that could greatly benefit from it. The creation of NexGen was the shared vision of people from very diverse backgrounds including construction, engineering, education, and business. 

Our Story

NexGen is the evolution of an established ICF company, Newable Building Sources (NBS), which Ryan Derrer started in 2016 after working as a general contractor for over 20 years. Ryan learned about and utilized ICF technology for more than ten years prior to forming NBS. In the early years of NBS, Ryan realized that most people in the Midwest were not familiar with the concept. Moreover, even those that were familiar with it, didn’t realize how easy it is to build with ICF.

Ryan realized the best way to “spread the word” about ICF construction was through education.  People needed to be educated about the reasons to build with ICF as well as “how” to build with ICF. After discussing the idea with his wife, Callista, who was an educator, they decided to go all-in on ICF in 2020.  Callista left her teaching position so she could help Ryan develop training classes, processes, and continue to build the business.

Ryan and Callista had some early success with the concept and educating people on ICF construction. However, when successful businesses grow quickly, it can be difficult to manage all aspects of the business and maintain growth.  As such, Ryan and Callista found themselves spending too much time managing the business and not enough time on sales and education. They realized it was time to bring someone into the business that could help manage the day-to-day needs of the business and provide strategic oversight to take it to the next level. So, they began the search for a business partner.

After several months, as timing would have it, Jim Gartner came across their business. As an engineer and an entrepreneur who has a passion for construction, Jim was intrigued by the technology. His extensive business experience and education made him a perfect fit the organization. 

In early 2023 Jim invested in the business, and they renamed it NexGen ICF. The name represents the company’s mission of bringing ICF construction to the next generation. The goal was to formulate and develop a sustainable, repeatable, and transparent system. A system that informs people of the benefits of ICF construction and teaches them how to design and build with it. NexGen will guide you through the building process by assisting you with the material procurement, training and/or installation assistance.

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